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Indoor Storage Units

5 x 10 Unit

​​50 sq. ft.

Perfectly sized for larger furniture, such as a couch, dresser and/or mattress set, along with additional small items and boxes.  Similar to a walk-in closet.

10 x 10 Unit

100 sq. ft.

This unit will hold the entire contents of a one bedroom apartment or home. Comparably sized to a standard one-car garage.

10 x 15 Unit
150 sq. ft.

Our 10x15 unit will hold the contents of a two bedroom apartment or home. Comparably sized to a 20 ft moving truck.

10 x 20 Unit

200 sq. ft.

This storage unit space will hold the contents of a large three bedroom home or apartment.  It may also be used to store a car, truck, boat or RV.

10 x 25 Unit

250 sq. ft.

The 10x25 unit can accommodate a four or five bedroom home or apt, including major appliances, furniture, boxes. Can also store vehicles or trailers. Comparably sized to a 40ft moving truck.

10 x 30 Unit

300 sq. ft.

The 10x30 unit is slightly larger than the 10x25.  Also comparably sized to a 40 ft moving truck.

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